I was having a lot of pain in my knee. My doctor told me I had Patella Bi-Partite and would need to rest it and go for physical therapy. After seeing Dr. DeNoyelles just a few times my knee pain was gone and it felt a lot stronger when I started catching again.

Mackenzie - Montgomery, NY

In 2014 I broke my back (L5-S1). It was a devastating event that changed my very active life. After visiting with spinal surgeons and multiple specialists, I was told that I would never lift/exercise again. I came to John with the notion that I have severe limitations and I was hyper focused on what I couldn't or should never do. Not only did John give me the confidence to move freely again, but he taught me how to live an educated, pain free life.

Emily - Pine Bush, NY

As an athlete I am always looking for an edge and to avoid injury. Dr. John DeNoyelles has been the only PT I can trust to help my performance. In CrossFit I have struggled with being able to fully squat for every repetition. Since seeing Dr. DeNoyelles, I have been able to squat lower and be more stable. If you are looking for the best PT care in the Hudson Valley reach out to Resolve Physical Therapy.

Nick - Montgomery, NY

Being In Pain Isn't Fair

It started with an ache? Or maybe a "twinge"?

The next thing you knew you were avoiding doing the things you loved doing.

  • Do you want to get back to being "YOU"?

  • Do you miss doing the things you love?

  • It's just plain wrong to be in pain while you move!

We understand

✅ We were that runner that had to stop hitting the road

✅ We care about the athlete that has to step away from the game they love

✅ We have earned the trust of countless athletes

We can help you get you back to being YOU!

Buffalo Bills Physical Therapist Joe Micca

Kind words from friend of Resolve Joe Micca, Physical Therapist with the Buffalo Bills about Dr. John DeNoyelles of Resolve Physical Therapy.

Our promise

We aren't going to tell you to stop. That's too easy.
Together we have the resolve to get you better than you've ever been.

Let's put your plan together

A customized plan to get you on the path to better

The instruction to make sure you understand each step

Access to an expert who will be there with you along the way

It's just wrong to be in pain when you move!

But you don't have to be anymore!

If you were given a plan that was easy to follow

If you were shown how to execute each step

If you were given the confidence to put that plan into action

All of this!

Plus, the confidence of knowing that you're on your way getting back to being you!


Resolve (verb): find a solution to (change or transform)

Resolve (noun): firm determination to do something

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