Let’s Talk About The Knee

Hi, I’m Dr. Drew Abatangelo, PT, SCS, OCS, and I’m a Physical Therapist with a passion for all things sports! I’ve dedicated myself to continuous education, earning additional board certifications in Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Drawing from my experience as a former DIII lacrosse player and high school lacrosse coach, I understand the toll high-level athletics can take on the body. Today, I’m excited to share insights on relieving nagging knee pain and enhancing performance—so let’s dive in!

Let’s talk about the knee.


The knee is a marvel, designed for bending, extending, rotating, and, crucially, handling loads. When injury occurs, it hurts! The science of rehab and injury management is evolving, moving beyond the traditional rest, ice, compress, and elevate mantra. Except for fractures, the key to knee health lies in movement—frequent and early, guided by a trained professional.


In response to knee injuries, the instinct is often to hit pause on the gym and let the knee rest. But did you know there’s a way to optimize healing while building strength? Enter Blood Flow Restriction (BFR), a safe and effective method to work out your knee, build strength, and promote healing.


Surprisingly, knee rehab shouldn’t solely focus on the knee itself. Incorporating ankle, hip, and core training is crucial. A weak core or poor body awareness can contribute to different forces being distributed through your knee, putting it at risk for injury.

My mission is to educate and assist as many individuals as possible, conveying that knee pain doesn’t have to be a showstopper. At Resolve, we possess the tools and knowledge to help you reach your athletic goals. If you’ve hesitated about addressing your knee concerns, I encourage you to invest in yourself and visit us today!


Dr. Drew Abatangelo, PT, SCS, OCS

Physical Therapist

Resolve Physical Therapy

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