The Resolve 7 Promise To YOU

Have you been told to stop? As long as it's safe, we will do our best to keep you going. We believe in the power of movement and maintaining your activities.

Were you told surgery was the only option? Oftentimes it's not. We look for the CAUSE of your pain.

Have you tried everything else? We do things different and start by looking at the WHOLE you. You are unique and no one is like you. Every plan is customized and tailored toward your needs.

Did your physical therapy experience consist of being left alone with a bunch of exercises? We prioritize your time and provide one-on-one care and in fewer sessions.

Do you feel like no one is listening? Our clients improve because we care and we take the time to listen. Your goals are the #1 priority. If we don't listen to you then we cannot treat you in the best way possible.

Have you tried months or even years of treatment? Your unique plan includes addressing your needs, getting you back to what you love, and teaching you self-efficacy so you don't have to rely on others.

Are you lost in your situation? As a service to you and this community, and whether or not you are a client, we will do our best to serve as a resource in achieving optimal healthcare.

How Can We Help YOU?

We Specialize In:

Orthopaedic injuries

Sports injuries

Post-operative conditions

Complex Cases

Neck and Back Pain

Athletes of all ages and levels

Seeking hands-on (Manual Therapy)

Concussion Rehabilitation

Athletic Performance

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

Those wanting a competitive edge

Anyone with pain (head to toe) or difficulty doing what they want and need to do